Retirement Planning by Autumn FP - Kent

“You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” C.S. Lewis

About Autumn Financial Planning

Specialising in the Retirement and Later Life space since 2007, and offering Independent Financial Guidance, Planning and Advice to those approaching, or at, retirement - and beyond - throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Working together to build rewarding relationships, the aim is to address your Retirement and/or Later Life concerns, providing quality Independent Financial Guidance, Planning and Advice, enabling you to achieve your objectives and, if necessary, overcome those major financial obstacles that could, if left unchecked, have significant and life-changing consequences.

The financial world can be complicated, so the aim of your Retirement and Later Life Specialist is to work closely with you to enable you to enjoy the retirement you deserve, in the most straightforward, uncomplicated, cost effective and tax efficient way with a commitment to offering the highest quality advice to support you as you approach, as well as journey through, retirement and beyond.

Planning or Advice?

Many of us take advice, at a point, we feel there is a specific need to do so, such as a mortgage or to utilise our annual ISA allowance but, there is growing evidence to suggest that a longer-term, and ongoing, relationship with your adviser can significantly improve your wealth over time.

As we approach, or enter retirement, it is of greater significance to ensure our wealth is working cost effectively and remains in line with our objectives as the ability to “earn our way through' any issues begin to reduce.

Establishing an effective strategy for your present as well as future plans and objectives, reviewing it on a regular basis using tactical advice along the way, is the proven method of achieving a better outcome over the longer term.

Proper (Strategical) Financial Planning provides the correct platform to ensure any (Tactical) Financial Advice remains both relevant and in line with your immediate, as well as longer term objectives and more about what your wealth can help you achieve.

Approaching & Early Retirement

Retirement can be a time of great freedom but, in order to enjoy it to its fullest, it is crucial to consider the cost of securing such a retirement, how resilient your wealth will be and how long it will last!

There are many issues to consider with financial concerns, such as:

Are your Savings/Pensions/Investments working effectively and efficiently for you?
How much do you need now? How much will you need later?
Asset Rich, but Cash Poor, how do you access the equity in your home to help finance you in retirement?
How do you pay for Long Term Care?
How can you achieve the legacy plans you have for your loved ones?
How much of your Estate will you actually pass on after your Death?
How do you reduce the Inheritance Tax that is due on your estate?
What are your obligations, as an Attorney/Deputy/Trustee, when it comes to Financial Advice?
And many more.

Later Life

Studies show that our expenditure can increase dramatically in early or the 1st stage of retirement - our new found freedom means we can start to tick off those bucket list items but, once the excitement of those early years (and our health) begins to fade, so too does our spending as we enter the 2nd stage of a more relaxed, and less frenetic, retirement.

These early years will need to be considered however and, having a robust financial plan in place, will help you maximise your retirement plans as well as your wealth.

Sadly, for many though, there is also a 3rd stage in retirement where their health, or that of a loved one, has deteriorated to the point of additional care being required either at home, or in a home, the cost of which, for most who have made financial provisions throughout their lives, will not be covered by the state.

Funding Long Term Care is an issue that is projected to get worse; the combination of living longer, increased care costs and the reduced (relatively speaking at least) numbers of those of working age providing much needed state provisions - in the way of tax and national insurance contributions - means many could face having to fund their own care costs for years to come.

For those who are impacted by the cost of long term care or, as is usually the case, their loved ones/legal representatives, they can suddenly find themselves faced with a myriad of information to consider, a plethora of decisions to make and very little help or guidance available to ensure they are making the correct decisions.

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